If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know we love showing you how to make flowers out of crepe paper, frosted paper, and felt. Plus we now have some cardstock flowers for you to make too. Since we already have a frosted paper cyclamen, Meagan decide to create a potted crepe paper cyclamen for this month’s craft collection.

We recommend using a cutting machine for this flower due to the small, intricate pieces involved. Otherwise you can always cut by hand using detail scissors for the more narrow cuts.

Unlike our frosted paper version, this potted crepe paper cyclamen is more advanced. Perfect if you’re looking for a more challenging flower to make! Our tutorial will walk you through all of the steps, including how to color your flowers and add more detail to your leaves with different kinds of markers.

Once you’ve assembled your cyclamen, you can use your favorite little pot to “plant” it in. This flower is on the smaller side, so we think it would be fun to keep on your office desk, a coffee table, or a kitchen counter or shelf.

Skill: Advanced due to the small, intricate pieces you’ll be assembling and lots of color details added

Crafting tip: Use needle-nose tweezers to place small pieces and the steel ball tool to shape petals.


  • Kai 8″ Scissors
  • Kai 5″ Detail Scissors
  • Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo 4 (recommended)
  • Needle-Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters
  • Curling Tool
  • Needle-Nose Tweezers
  • Steel Ball Shaping Tool


  • Lia Griffith Extra-Fine Crepe Paper – Blush, Cypress, and Juniper
  • Lia Griffith Double-Sided Crepe Paper — Sangria & Aubergine
  • Floral Tape — Green
  • Floral Wire – 18-Gauge Paper Covered Green and 24-Gauge Paper Covered Green
  • Karin Brushmarker Pro – Magenta Red
  • Posca Paint Marker – 1M Ultra Fine Pen Bullet — White
  • Posca Paint Marker – 3M Fine Reversible Bullet — Khaki Green
  • Pot, Floral Foam, and Moss

How to Make a Potted Crepe Paper Cyclamen

  1. Gather your tools and materials. Then download the flower pattern below.
  2. Cut out crepe paper according to template using scissors or a cutting machine with a rotary blade.
  3. Apply white glue to the base of the stamen then roll it beginning at the larger end.
  4. Cup the center of each petal using a steel ball tool.

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