6 Ways To Better Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone shots are the new hot thing. The aerial drone shot gives you a different perspective on a building than what you can see from the ground. A property can be very dull but the use of a drone shot can make it look exquisite. This is the reason why many people are moving towards the idea of real estate drone photography to improve their marketing game.

Moreover, if such a shot is taken at the twilight hour, it becomes even more impressive. So, why is a drone shot better than simple photography? Well, for starters, it captures the whole essence of the area and not just the building. Moreover, it presents the property in such a way that all its good features are accentuated. The use of a high-quality lens gives it a more vibrant look.

Still, confused about how to use drone photography to amp up your marketing game? Worry not! Sit back and continue reading as I walk you through the expert-approved ways of improving drone photography.

7 Ways To Improve Real Estate Drone Videos

Good real estate drone photography can help you make or break a property deal. You can walk your client through the property, explain all its pros, and show the scenic views, but the effect that a drone shot can have is unmatchable. This is especially important for luxury homes.

1. Improve The Surroundings

A drone uses a high-quality lens for photography which accentuates the landscape and the surrounding areas. Therefore, you need to make sure that the surroundings are clean. Some things to ensure include removing the litter, and cleaning the lawn house siding. Moreover, it is recommended that you give your lawn a nice trim too to make it visually appealing.

If you are recording the video at night time or twilight hour, make sure that the property is well-lit and that any other street lights are also on. One of the best times for drone photography includes early morning. This is because at that time the streets are nearly empty and you can also catch the beauty of birds in the sky which will further enhance your video.

2. Make Your Place Stand Out

Every home has one or more such features which can make it stand out from the rest. Hence, these are the special features that you have to use to capture the buyer’s interest. It does not have to be a big thing, but even a few small features will be sufficient.

For instance, maybe your house has a good porch or a wide backyard. Similarly, it might have a lot of greenery around it. Therefore, whatever feature makes your home different from others, enhance it in the video. You can simply do this by increasing the lighting at that point and capturing these from several positions. It is then possible to add all of these different perspectives to the video and present them to the client.

3. Do Not Waste Time On Shooting Perfectly

The power of editing cannot be overestimated. Good editing can transform bad shots into really good pictures. Therefore, shoot raw. This means that you get all kinds of shots and do not stress about getting them perfect. Once you have all the shots from different angles, you can edit them in a number of ways. Therefore, focus on getting as many shots as you can and then work on them later.

4. Keep Your Drone At A Reasonable Height

Flying the drone very high might sound like a very aesthetic deal. However, this does not deliver very good shots. This is because, when your drone is flying very high, it only captures the roof of the building and maybe some parts of the surroundings. Moreover, it also blurs many features. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep your drone at a reasonable height and capture the complete building in its whole essence.

5. Tune The Drone Settings As Required

Modern drones come with a number of settings. Therefore, you can adjust the drone settings as required to achieve the best photography results. By simply changing the focus and sharpness, you can get high-quality real estate drone videos . For clear real estate videos, you can also change the aspect ratio to 3:2 or 4:3. Using these ratios will help you get better results.

6. Try Shooting At Golden Hour

You can get all kinds of lightning kits and edit the videos too, still, there is no replacement for natural light. Therefore, the best time for photography is the golden hour. This is the time of sunrise and sunset. This is because at this time, the shadows are minimum and you can get the best results.

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